Ontario Government Environmental Registry

Government Registry

What is the registry?The environmental registry contains messages of interest public on environmental issues from all departments of the Government supported the Charter of environmental rights. Public alerts contain information about proposed new laws, regulations, policies and programs or proposals to modify or delete existing ones. Each alert tells you: you will find information on how and where can send reviews reviews that have the period takes into account the decisions are final, gets to hear the proposals and the impact would be how much and what were the observations, comments on the decision. In addition, say Yes and how to attract and appeal the decision. But the record is more a file moving electronics. You can make the new improved search functions, recently, to find proposals that affect their community. Custom research requirements, can create help ontario government environmental registry follow the evolution of the proposed environmental conditions. Now you can send feedback by email allows you to make comments on environmental issues you are interested in. First of all, you can participate in decisions that have an impact on the environment, the environmental record. .